About me

My name is Andreas Boesen. I am 34 years old and born and raised in Horsens. My family have lived here for generations and now I live here with my own little family; my wife, Louise, who is a lawyer in Horsens and our little daughter, Asta.


I have a Master's degree in Political Science and Public Management, and I work at VIA University College in Horsens at the Engineering Department. 

In my spare time, I love the outdoor life, play music and to use the city with friends and family.

I have been City Councilor for 12 years. I am a former Chairman of the International Committee and former Chairman of the Cultural Committee. Right now, I am the Deputy Mayor, Group Chairman of the Socialdemocrats and member of the Finance and Business Committee. 

I am also Chairman of the local public water supply company where we work with climate adjustment, groundwater protection and afforestation.

Why politics?

I was elected to the City Council as the youngest member in 2009. Back then, I thought that we could do much for for young people and students in Horsens. Together with a lot of young volunteers, we managed to get me elected and since then we have build student accomodation, opened a student house, created more cultural events, been focusing on international citizens and gived young people a permanent voice in the local debate. 

But, we have just started making Horsens a greater city and the potential is great. That is why I seek re-election and that is why I need your vote. 

Første valgkamp for de unge

I will work for

I would love to hear from you if you have a great idea  on how to make Horsens a better place. I will work for: 

  • More student jobs and internships with local businesses 
  • More cultural events for students
  • Support start-ups
  • More and affordable student accomodations

You can vote

If you are at least 18 years old, have permanent residence in Horsens and if you meet one of the following conditions:

  • You are a Danish citizen or
  • You are a citizen of another EU member state, Iceland or Norway or
  • You have resided in Denmark for a period of three years prior to the election